Welcome to Effinity Charitable Foundation

Faithorn Farrell Timms is delighted to announce the launch of EFFINITY CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, which we have created to focus our efforts on broadening the horizons of disadvantaged young people through providing opportunities for self-improvement.

The object of the Foundation is as follows:

To provide financial and practical support to young adults who are able to demonstrate a real passion and commitment to their occupational and recreational endeavours, but who are otherwise at risk of not realising their full potential.

We seek to achieve this object primarily through the provision of:

  1. Professional guidance, learning opportunities and experiential advice to enable underprivileged young adults to pursue careers in professional construction and property-related disciplines
  2. Active support for community sports and leisure activities, which give children the opportunity to participate in competitive activities with their peers in a safe and stimulating environment
  3. Financial assistance to allow researchers to further investigate diseases, disabilities and genetic disorders which adversely affect the lives of young people